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Frequently asked questions

  • Above all, to ensure your peace of mind
  • Secure and protect your investment
  • Act as a respectful and responsible neighbor
  • Ensure local bilingual representation
  • Avoid being accused of negligence by your insurance company or by your association
  • Have Eyes in Florida watching over your belongings

It is highly desirable to choose a legal company able to provide you with the following documents and services :

  • A contract
  • Professional Licenses
  • Liability insurance
  • A detailed report which will be recorded for each visit
  • An electronic report of each visit with date and pictures
  • A supervisor who speaks your language and English to represent you if necessary
  • A company that can carry out urgent minor/major repairs with a whole team of experts
  • A company legally incorporated
  • The best way is still word of mouth, ask your friend(s)
  • Do business with a well-established, easy-to-access company with competent and well trained staff
  • Insist on seeing the legal documents required to perform the job
  • Always ask for a contract. Never accept a verbal contract
  • Check local newspapers for serious publicity
  • Ask all the questions you want and above all, demand the answers to all your questions
  • A neighbor is not always the best person to watch your property

A responsible company will check the following points at each visit :

  • Water leak and all other visible anomalies
  • Take the current temperature and humidity level
  • Defective equipment (fridge, A/C, door locks, dehumidifier, etc.)
  • Mold
  • Foul odor
  • Infestation (ants, palmettos, termites, etc.)
  • Glass breakage (windows, doors, table, mirror, etc.)
  • Vandalism
  • Illegal occupation
  • During an absence of two weeks or more
    • A frequency of every two weeks or every week
    • Following severe weather conditions (hurricane, tornado, hefty rain)

For any other information, we invite you to contact us at :

Office: 954-485-4881
Emergency: 954-257-8874
Email: admin@sclbouchard.com

We take care of your property as if it were our own!

At SCL Bouchard Surveillance, our staff is professional,
qualified, and courteous. We are recognized as an 
«Essential Services» company by the State of Florida.


Our customers are
our best allies.

Our customers are not only our priority, but they are our best allies. See for yourself why SCL Bouchard Surveillance is the best home watch service provider in South Florida.

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