News from Florida


Good morning!

Our visits are going well. They should end this week. In the majority of the buildings visited, there was no significant exterior damage.

Note that the visits related to Hurricane Irma require more time since we have to do several checks. In particular, food must be thrown out of the refrigerators.

Due to the ongoing power outages, our employees have noticed some anomalies. For example, humidity problems since the air conditioning is not working. Our employees must then look to see if there is any mold appearing.

In some places, we have seen water seepage. If this is your case, our team will notify you quickly to contact your insurance companies and your association.

Your property may have been visited, and we did not have time to report to you. Communications in Florida are complex. In this case, all customers who have anomalies will be contacted upon the return of our agents.

For those who won’t hear from you until next week, consider that, like last year, your property was visited, and no anomalies were found.

Thank you

The SCLBouchard Surveillance team.

Other News

Québec Fest 2017

This weekend we will be one of the sponsors of this edition of Quebec Fest 2017 located at CASINO MARDI GRAS in